Kelso Mules - Murray, Kentucky

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"Molly and Polly"
16 Yrs - 16 HH
Sorrel Blonde Molly Mules
Molly and Polly are a friendly nice team to be around. They are half sisters.


"Molly and Polly"
They are a safe broke team that you can wagon drive, hayride, or work with all farm machinery.
Anyone can drive them. They are traffic safe.


"Bonnie and Bert"
9 & 10 Yrs -  15.2 HH
Grey John and Molly Mule
Bonnie and Bert are a very nice wagon team that gait together and are traffice safe.
They have done field work and are easy to drive.


"Sam and Sid"
15 Yrs - 16 HH

Sorrell John Mules

Sam and Sid are a real nice team. They are also ride.


"Bonnie and Bert"
Bonnie and Bert are easy to catch, easy to harness, and no trouble at all to hook.
They are sound and are a very good team.


"Sam and Sid"
Sam and Sid are good for beginners. They work with all farm machinery.
Would be good for parades and hayrides.