Kelso Mules - Murray, Kentucky

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Black with Stocking Legs John Mule
14.3HH-  9Yrs.
Butch is a nice trail mule that rides out really well. He is a nice well built mule. Butch is a full brother to Sundance and is broke to work in the harness to a wagon. 


 Black with Stocking legs John Mule
15.2HH - 10 yr old
Sundance is a nice laid back trail mule. He is a full brother to Butch. Sundance is also broke in harness and works to a wagon.


Sorrel with Stocking Legs John Mule
14.3 HH - 10 Yrs. Old
Cassidy is a well built mule. He has been on several trail rides. Cassidy is a nice laid back mule. 


 Sorrel Molly Mule
 - 8 Yrs. Old
Kitty is a super nice trail mule. She will go anywhere you point her and steps out nice. A real sweetheart.


Black and White Molly Mule
14.2 HH - 4 Yrs. Old
Sparky is a fancy young mule that is well started. She does everything she is suppose to. Sparky has been trail rode for a year. Needs a little more riding to be a top mule.


 Sorrell Molly Mule
14.2 HH - 17 Yrs. Old
Betty is a very nice gentle mule. She is good for any level rider. Betty has been trail ridden all her life. She is a nice mule.  


"Thelma and Louise" 
Black Bay Molly Mules
14.3HH - Smooth Mouth Yrs. Old
Thelma and Louise are a very experienced team. Beginner friendly.    
$5,500 for team


"Thelma and Louise"
Black Bay Molly Mules
14.3 HH - Smooth Mouth Yrs. Old
Thelma and Louise are traffic safe. If you can hold the lines you can drive them. 
$5,500 for team


"Bill and Bob"
5 yrs. old - 16.2  HH
 Sorrell John Mules
Bill and Bob are half brothers. They are broke to pull a wagon and have been used to log with.


"Bill and Bob"
Bill and Bob are drafty, big bone mules. 


“Rick and Rowdy"
Blonde Bay John Mules
15.2HH - 12 years old
Rick and Rowdy are a wagon team that you can trail ride with or do parades. 


"Rick and Rowdy"
Rick and Rowdy are gentle, easy to catch and hook to the wagon.